I was born with tiny, puny,sparse almost close to nothing eye lashes! And that sucks big time, coz long lashes can help open up your eyes and you'll look a lot better coz it enhances your eyes quite a bit! So, I went my way to find a solution to my problem. Latisse, definitely is not an option, I would rather go Natural on anything I would put on my face or any part of my body.

Anyway, i actually found a lot of them on website, especially on youtube! it's great because, the natural ingredients they used is so affordable and accessible from your local drugstore. You must, however, choose the purest form there is. So here's 2 of my most favorite and i'm trying on both, btw:

Also, Vaseline or Petroleum Jelly alone (again, in its purest form) should also do wonders to your lashes!

Another thing, If you opted to go and do the first video, you don't have to get all the ingredients if you can't find them in any of the stores you go to. Like, the Pure Almond Oil, I couldn't find any, so the alternative would be Extra Virgin Olive Oil!

So, whatever works for you in these videos, let me know! =)

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