4th of July Weekend...

As much as I wanna go out and take advantage of the Sales going on in the Mall this weekend, I felt the need to just stay put in the house and maybe just die of boredom! *chuckles* you know I'm kidding! Anyway, I have done a bit of shopping a few days back and yeah, like I said I don't have that much moolah to spend on clothes or anything like that which just might hurt my even tinier budget! ^_^

Has anyone started firing up the grill yet? I bet so, just stay sober though! We, on the other hand are going to attend a 4th of July (that's on Monday) celebration minus the fireworks at a friends' house, about 30minutes drive and it should be fun! I don't really go out that much just because I hate driving that far and it's kinda difficult if you have a toddler in tow, who is by the way the most active little girl I've ever known! And yeah, she also has this motion sickness problem, that when she's on board the car for say, 15 minutes or so, she tends to throw up! Yeah, it's a nasty situation when you get caught up in the middle of the road and there's just no place to stop by for a while to get her all cleaned up! Ugh, that's a major dilemma for me every time we go for a ride a bit far from our place. Well, me and my hubby are both like that when we were little and it's no surprise she might get that from us as well. No fun.

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