Panic buying much?

About a week ago, a fashion blogger posted a giveaway bag, which is the exact same bag I was eyeing but can't afford! So I entered and did all to be able to get as many entries as I could. Sadly though, I didn't win, but happy that it was my friend Marie Sanchez who won! It was her first time to join and won the giveaway, talk about beginner's luck! So I went to the website again to take a sneak peak and probably say goodbye. The moment I saw the bag again in the color that I wanted, it said "one left". I panicked a little bit and said nooo! Being frugal that I am, I know it'll take me a while to own one, so I asked FashionJuice if she happens to have a discount code and fortunately, she did! So I went to the site and without a blink, purchased The Melie Bianco Madison Lock + Key MINI bag.
Yay! I can not wait!


  1. Congrats, Lei! The bag is so gorgeous =) Which color did you get?

  2. Thanks Sydney :) I got the saddle brown color!


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