Anything lace-y, polka dots, ditsy-dots, chiffon-y and 3 quarter sleeves appeals to me instantly, maybe because it has vintage vibe to it! So, when Annie tweeted about the $25 Free ship promo at Forever21 maybe last week, I took advantage and purchased what's already been in my cart. I let impulse buying get to me, and sometimes when that happens, most of the items I ordered does not work the way I wanted it, and that's the sad part and the risk you gotta take ordering online!

But here's one that I like from F21:
Top: Forever21 Blouson Bow top
Pants: AE boyfriend jeans

I'm not sure which belt will work, I tried skinny belt and I suck at loop belt knotting! So i tried a wider one which I preferred.

Shoes: Clarks Fiddle Scroll

Thrifted necklace from ebay!


Photos taken by my 3 year old using camera remote! She's just clicking away and having fun with it! ^_^


  1. I like the top sweety! I agree that online must be a risky decision, but still I'm a big Forever21..


  2. the top is so adorable, you look cute:)
    Feel free to visit me :)


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