Birthday bash!

It's been more than a week since my last post, not that anyone care, I just thought I'd write something here. Well, mainly because I was a little busy preparing for my precious little girl's birthday bash! And it's a 2 day celebration by the way! Her actual birthday is March 13th, but the celebration began a day early at Planet Pizza, where all of our friends and their tons of kids enjoyed the party! I mean, who wouldn't? It's an unlimited ride, unlimited soft play lots of food: pizza, corn dogs, chips, hot wings (for adults), subs, cake, loot bags! I'm just happy that my baby girl's happy and that everyone else enjoyed the party as well! And presents, yes lots of them, most of them Princesses stuff! What else could a little girl ask for? :)

The following day, I have already made a dinner reservation at Magic Time Machine it is a great place to celebrate birthdays, anniversaries, and just about anything else! It is where all sorts of character will be doing the serving! I had personally asked them to have Cinderella serve us for my baby's sake, and my! is she the happiest little kid around that night! All the expression of joy, excitement and happiness in my little sweetheart's face is....PRICELESS!


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